Captivating Couples 2013

They hail from all over the nation, falling head over heels for one another in many different ways. But one thing ties all of these adorable twosomes together—love.

Brooklyn, NY
Madelein, 27, law student at Rutgers University
Emma, 27, manager of marketing and operations, Tomboy Tailors
In spring of 2011, Emma moved to San Francisco and became pals with Madelein s best friend of 14 years, Lindsay. Madelein found herself wondering who this new girl was that was always hogging up so much of her time. Madelein would find out soon enough. She met Emma couple of months later, and their unexpected chemistry took hold. They embarked on a tentative first date, not sure of where the connection would lead-but now, several months later, the verdict is in. Emma and Madelein dated long distance (Emma on the west coast, Madelein on the east) and although the long gaps between visits were difficult, having honest and open communication was the key to keeping our relationship healthy and ultimately successful. Emma took the cross-country plunge in January 2013. A new year, new chapter! they say. This move would not have happened if we did not want to spend our lives together. Although we are not engaged at the moment, there are some exciting plans to come in 2014.

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