Captivating Couples 2013

They hail from all over the nation, falling head over heels for one another in many different ways. But one thing ties all of these adorable twosomes together—love.

Philadelphia, PA
Lauren, 27, SEO manager, editor-in-chief
Rachel, 28, junior designer for a branding agency, art director of
Lauren got more than she bargained for when she accompanied a friend to a holiday party in 2010. Something about Rachel made her take notice. She was dressed as an elf, she remembers. While the outlandish outfit caught my eye, her smile and charm definitely had me hooked. To be clear, I was not the only person dressed as an elf, Rachel wants to clarify. I remember picklebacks, bowling and I am pretty sure Lauren was wearing an Eagles shirt. I hate football, so did not think she was my type. After seeing Lauren in a dress, though, she changed her mind. While the couple have 9-5 jobs, they also run, the only digital magazine that exclusively caters to women who love women in the Philadelphia area (check out their adorable Liberty Bell logo, which Rachel designed). The keyto balancing romance and work life? Not taking ourselves too seriously. And trying not to talk about our website all the time says Lauren. She lets me be weird, adds Rachel.