Beyoncé’s Next Ivy Park Collection Will Be Gender-Neutral

“I appreciate the beauty of gender-neutral clothing and breaking the so-called fashion rules,” Beyoncé said.

Beyoncé is breaking the internet for the millionth time. She announced on Monday that she’s dropping a new Ivy Park collection soon. In an interview with Elle, Beyoncé revealed that the collection will be completely gender-neutral and unisex.

The new Ivy Park collection features both apparel and footwear, in collaboration with Adidas.

“I focused on designing a unisex collection of footwear and apparel because I saw so many men in IVY PARK,” Beyoncé explained to Elle. “The way they have embraced the brand is an unexpected gift. I appreciate the beauty of gender-neutral clothing and breaking the so-called fashion rules.”

Queer men have, indeed, flocked to Ivy Park ever since Bey launched the brand in 2016. Anything can be “gender-neutral” if you have the confidence and the right size! But this new collection will be intentionally designed so that masculine and feminine people can both wear it comfortably.

“I love experimenting with fashion, mixing high and low, sportswear with couture, even masculine and feminine,” Beyoncé said.

She also explained why it’s so important for her to embrace diversity in her work, particularly when it comes to people of color and the LGBTQIA community.

“For me, it is about amplifying the beauty in all of us. I rarely felt represented in film, fashion, and other media,” she said.

“I’m so proud of the progress being made in and around the LGBTQIA community. Masculinity is being redefined. Women are not competing with women. They no longer strive to be the best female anything. They strive to be the best. Diversity and inclusion go beyond race.”

The decision to add a gender-neutral collection may be related to the fact that Beyoncé now owns the Ivy Park brand outright. She is the first African American woman to exercise 100 percent ownership of an athleisure brand.

“I took a chance on myself when I bought my company back,” she said. “We all have the confidence in us to take chances and bet on ourselves.”

The new Ivy Park collection drops January 18.

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