Andrea Himmel

Andrea Himmel by Courtesy of Andrea Himmel

Andrea Himmel’s career has been a big circle, starting and ending — or, currently, situating — in real estate. Himmel studied the field at the Joseph Wharton Scholars program at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, however, she entered the world of hedge funds, where she was part of a founding team and one of seven investment professionals who worked at Sanders Capital. Seven years later, she left to launch her own oil company, Tierra Resource Partners. Two years after that, she launched Revere Resources, a successor fund investing in oil and gas royalties. From the fund’s success, she built Revere Resources into a thriving company. Then in 2018, Himmel joined Himmel & Meringoff Properties, a real estate firm founded by her mother; she now runs acquisitions and growth for the company. “I chose to go into real estate because of my passions for the creation of unique spaces in which people from all walks of life live, work, and play; the ability for us to reimagine and shape the skyline and communities with creativity; and the need to create equity and safety in affordable housing,” she tells GO. She speaks regularly on panels and is recognized as a thought leader in the New York real estate community. Himmel also serves on the Diversity Committee of the Real Estate Board of New York, where she advocates for equity within the industry. “Being out, proud, and accountable to oneself is both predicated upon and the source of confidence,” she says. “Conviction in myself translates to the confidence that I carry with me in all aspects of my life — in the workplace, on the yoga mat, and in personal connections.” —IL

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