America’s Most Captivating Couples 2009, Part II

We rounded up so many gorgeous couples we couldn’t fit them all in one issue. That said, we’re happy to have the cuteness continue.

Diana & Emma

Brooklyn, NY & Atlanta, GA

Diana, 39, author, editor
Emma, 31, writer, professor

Diana and Emma met in Atlanta at a queer cultural festival and had a steamy weekend affair that they both partially remember. “Emma was one of the festival organizers. She invited me to come perform at the event and graciously let me stay at her house. In retrospect I think she was just trying to get in my pants.“ They share a love of long days in bed, lots of coffee, reading to each other, and a long distance relationship that allows them to be improbably realistic and completely impulsive. “We get each other,” says Diana. Emma agrees, adding, “Good communication, good outfits, and competing tastes in literature make it work.” They like plotting world domination and surprising each other with elaborately planned dates. “Emma told me I had to stop smashing my martini glass on the bar and threatening to cut any woman that comes near her,” says Diana. “I’m still working on that.”

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