America’s Most Captivating Couples 2009, Part II

We rounded up so many gorgeous couples we couldn’t fit them all in one issue. That said, we’re happy to have the cuteness continue.

Julia & Tami

San Diego, California and New York, New York

Julia, 30, writer
Tamara, 31, retail manager/comic book writer

Julia and Tami met on a lesbian blogging site; Julia was a writer and Tami posted a comment on a debate over the ethics of recycling sex toys from one lover to another. A smitten Julia remembers, “She sounded smart, down-to-earth and pervy, and her picture was hot!” They fell into a rich long-distance relationship and have been flying back and forth regularly. The two are overjoyed by the positive response to their relationship from their families. Tami’s father was previously unsupportive of her sexuality and relationships, but asked Julia if she was going to make an honest woman out of his daughter within thirty minutes of meeting her. Julia starts grad school in the fall and two plan to relocate together to Palm Desert. They’re looking forward to the end of their sad airport goodbyes.

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