Lisa & Lu

Cumberland, Maryland

Lisa Nelson, 48, School Principal

Dr. Lucia Barker, 48, Scientist

“If we’re captivating at all, it’s because we captivate each other,” Lu and Lisa explain. “That, plus we met at a potluck. We are the potluck success story to which women refer when encouraging single friends to get out there and meet people.” Lu was so smitten at that fateful potluck affair that when Lisa mentioned her new jet-ski, Lu invited herself over to try it. Eventually, Lu won Lisa over with her charm and her cooking, if not with her jet-ski ability. “We’ve been together almost five years now, married for more than two,” says this captivating couple. Lu and Lisa keep their love alive with “a combination of hearts-and-flowers romanticism and hard-line pragmatism, but never both at the same time!” The secret to their success: “Both of us want, more than anything else, to make the other happy. It’s not a secret, by the way.”