Tania & Angela

Phoenix, Arizona

Tania Katan, 36, Writer/Performer

Angela Ellsworth, 42, Artist/Professor

It was the summer of 1995, and it was a scorcher. “I was a barista-slash-playwright, just killing time until someone discovered me,” says Tania. “That’s when she walked in. She was an artist with no slash. She looked like a 1920s movie star. Like Clara Bow, she was the it-girl.” In fact, it-girl Angela recognized Tania as the writer of Stages, a play about surviving breast cancer. “I loved your play,” she said. “I saw it twice. I’m a cancer survivor, too.” Thus began their romantic and artistic partnerships. “We have created a space in our relationship that allows us to exchange creative ideas, brainstorm performance projects, book proposals and installations,” they say. “Our relationship embodies the word ‘go,’ the idea of traveling from one point to another while taking time to explore the space in between. Together, we are a creative force making work about gender, illness and wellness. We are breaking rules and making new ones, and we are still going!”