Shaina & Shandora

New York, New York

Shaina Anderson, New Media Coordinator, BizBash Media

Shandora Smith, Food Services Clerk,
COSTCO Wholesale

When Shandora saw Shaina’s profile on an internet dating service, she began pelting her with messages. Eventually, Shaina replied, even though she was enjoying the single life, and had no intention of launching into a relationship. One day Shandora came to Manhattan to see a friend who never showed. Magically, Shaina’s office was just down the street from where Shandora had been stood up, so the two of them went out to lunch. “That,” says Shaina, “was the start of this beautiful relationship.” What makes it work? “Our desire to be together forever supersedes our stubborn nature every time.” The couple enjoys clothes shopping, getting lost in bookstores for hours, and planning their wedding together. Being
a Captivating Couple “will be the perfect Valentine’s Day present to my future wife,” Shaina explains. “It’ll let her know I’m not going anywhere.”