Marianna & Lee

Los Angeles, California & New York, New York

Marianna Fox, Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Massage Therapist

Lee Friedlander, Director/Producer

Lee and Marianna met online, and that’s all they have to say about it. Details, schmetails. These days, they’re bicoastal in Los Angeles and Manhattan’s East Village. Lee is best known for her work in television and film, most notably Exes & Ohs, Girl Play, Out at the Wedding and other works that focus on the gay community. Marianna loves to take trapeze class and travel when she’s not singing, songwriting or massaging. Their key to a rockin’ relationship: “Okay, we could say love, honesty, deep communication, and respect for each other. However, we truly believe that you either have a deep connection and chemistry, or you don’t. Oh, and of course there is our sleeping rule: always sleep naked, no matter what.”