Mimi & Shanti

New York, New York

Mimi Ferraro, 31, Lead Singer of The ReFormationists, Actress

Shanti Prasad, 34, Graduate Student, Actress

In the summer of 2001, Mimi and Shanti were both performing in shows with the same women’s theater company, but they didn’t actually work together. Years later, they glimpsed each other again at an audition. Shanti was too shy to say hello, but Mimi took matters into her own hands. Nowadays, Shanti is earning a graduate degree in Food Culture and Systems at NYU while Mimi goes about the business of “being a lesbian rock star.” They pride themselves on communication and agreeing to disagree. “I am in awe of Mimi’s perseverance, humor and compassion for all life,” Shanti says. Mimi adds, “I am in awe of Shanti’s capacity to love, her loyalty and her hot, hot body.”