Cindy & Amy

Pueblo West, Colorado

Cindy Coe, “Doin’ fine at 39,” Vice President of Learning and Development,
InsideOut Discovery, Author, Executive Coach

Dr. Amy Zehnder, “Forever young at 41,” President of InsideOut Discovery, Author

“I’m the fun one!” says Amy. “I’m the interesting one!” says Cindy. How
they met: “She used to work for me,” says Amy. “Yep, and I was her
favorite,” says Cindy. “We had to ditch the husbands first,” they both
agree. Together, they live by a code: “The lesbian who dies with the most
toys, wins!” Cindy and Amy are into motocross, water skiing, kayaking,
snow shoeing, winter camping, and sand dune jumping. Their number one
guiding principal: “Kiss for at least five minutes per day! All you need
is love – each other, our neighbors, our friends and family members,
sometimes strangers and people like you – whoever is reading this now! That’s what it’s all about.”