Dustin & Gala

Brooklyn, New York

Dustin Smith, 26, Recreational Therapist

Gala Mukomolov, 20, Poet/Art Activism Organizer

Dustin and Gala first got acquainted at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, but they were both in relationships at the time. Their paths crossed again once they were single, and this time, they decided to run with it. Dustin hails from Texas and Gala is from Coney Island, but they now live together the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn. Dustin likes bike riding, working with oil pastels and looking for treasures in the subway tracks. Gala’s into vegan pumpkin pie, paintbrushes and organizing peace festivals full of music, mayhem and recycled delights. “I think our secret is how brave we are in very different ways,” she says. “Plus,” Dustin adds, “she speaks fluent Russian and that always puts me in the mood.”