America’s Most Captivating Couples 2008

The results are in! After a grueling selection process, we’ve skimmed the sweet cream off this year’s batch of entries and whipped it into GO’s most captivating couples of 2008. Many more couples coming soon!

Angelique & Christine

Plainfield, New Jersey

Angelique Irizarry, 32, High School Health and Physical Education Teacher, Head Coach,
Co-Owner of Shescape Events Production Company, Restaurateur

Christine Sipples, 30, Pharmaceutical
Sales Representative

“About seven years ago, I was visiting friends in NYC,” says Christine. “I had not come out yet and was still in college.” Christine and friends went to Henrietta Hudson, and were dancing the night away when Angelique walked in wearing a head-wrap. They danced together once before Angelique left. For the next two years, Christine would see her here and there, but they didn’t speak again until coincidence brought them back to Henrietta’s at the same time. After several months and many e-mails, they had their first date. A couple of years later, Angelique proposed. The couple was married in July 2007. Their key to a good relationship: “Laughing until you cry, patience for each other and always maintaining intimacy.”