Aisha Shaibu

Aisha Shaibu by Tom Trevatt

Founder of Moonlight Experiences, Aisha Shaibu is an LGBTQ+ activist whose award-winning company is dedicated to uplifting marginalized voices through nightlife and tourism. Moonlight Experiences aims to create intersectional events that challenge the traditional lack of diversity in these spaces by promoting queer, POC, and women-owned venues for queer and ally tourists. Moonlight Experiences was named LGBTQ+ Company of the Year in 2021 for London and South East England. Shaibu also heads the Community Engagement for UK Black Pride and is a Board of Trustees member for GiveOut. In 2019, she was recognized by the Mayor of London for her work in nightlife activism. The decision to volunteer one’s time, Shaibu believes, can make a difference in one’s life and in the lives of others, leading to an invaluable experience for all parties involved. “Volunteering our time in person or virtually to uplift others using our resources, skills, and privileges truly can empower our community,” she tells GO. She believes that everyone, no matter what stage they are at in life, has the opportunity to make an impact. As a Black queer woman from a Muslim conservative household, she didn’t believe she would be able to ever live authentically. However, “once I removed the shackles of my own doubts, cultural beliefs, and fear from what my family would think, I didn’t just feel free, but I began flourishing in my work, in my activism, and also in supporting and making a difference in other people’s lives.” —NT

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