Eco-preneurs 2015

These out entrepreneurs embrace a greener business model.

Jasmine Burems
Founder and Owner, Honey & Gold

Philly-born Brooklynite Jasmine Burems is the owner of Honey & Gold, a feminine self-care brand that sells items ranging from love potions to a recipes and rituals book to a yoni egg (an item used to enhance sexuality and strengthen pelvic floor muscles). Burems′ products are created from materials such as organic herbs, raw honey, 24K edible gold and “intentional sound healing frequencies.“ The company is the result of a decade′s worth of women′s wellness research, involving ideas stemming from Tantric, Taoist and holistic ways of thought. Besides running Honey & Gold, Burems is a teacher, speaker, singer, songwriter and part of the radical healing/justice collective known as Harriet′s Apothecary. One thing she is especially passionate about is sustainable herbalism—something she believes “is a mindful practice that supports our local growers and a growing economy while connecting people to the power of nature as remedy, ritual and real medicine.“ Burems also believes that helping women take care of themselves is about something bigger than just making folks feel good. “A truly gratified woman is the most precious and potent resource to her community. … Pampering women and inspiring personal self-love practices is probably the most satisfying form of activism I can offer the world in this lifetime.“