Eco-preneurs 2015

These out entrepreneurs embrace a greener business model.

Lisa Graziano
Owner, Reinventing Indulgence; Certified Holistic Health Coach

Nutrition couldn′t be farther removed from nightlife, yet the two share at least one person in common: Lisa Graziano. In 2010, the former part owner and marketing manager of Henrietta Hudson began her studies in holistic health and herbalism at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. “I chose the holistic health field due to a complete lifestyle change which started one day at a time, one meal at a time,“ she says. “I loved the transformation so much that I wanted to help others.“ Today, she runs her own holistic health coaching practice, Reinventing Indulgence, and speaks publicly about veganism and “the dynamics and repercussions behind the modern-day food movement.“ She′s strongly inspired by the idea “that animals deserve basic rights, beginning with the simple one not to be tortured… I want to protect and speak up for them, since they obviously cannot do it for themselves.“ Graziano also blogs about her journey and shares recipes at “Helping people lead healthier lives helps them in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways, and, of course, helps society,“ she says. “It′s a ripple effect. More importantly, when people learn better eating habits, they become aware of food politics, the organic movement and factory farming. Knowledge is most definitely power.“

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