Caliente Cab Co. Kicks Khadijah to the Curb

On June 24 2007, the day of New York’s gay Pride march, Khadijah Farmer, a biological female, was thrown out of Greenwich Village’s Caliente Cab Co. for using the women’s restroom. Mistaking her for a man, the restaurant’s bouncer pounded on the door of her stall and ordered her off the premises. Farmer tried to prove her biological gender by showing her driver’s license, but the bouncer ignored the evidence and escorted her out of the restaurant. To add insult to injury, Farmer’s friends were forced to pay the full price of their unfinished meal. Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, is representing Farmer in a civil rights lawsuit against Caliente, which, by the way, had a line of queers around the block at Pride ’07.