Captivating Couples: Meet The Couples Who Stole Our Hearts This Year

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by Zoie Omega

BUNNY & KHARA — New York, NY
Bunny Michael, Artist and Healer
Khara Devlin Gilvey, Painter and Bartender

Bunny and Khara had been running into each other for 10 years — first in 2007 in Amsterdam, then in 2013 in Brooklyn — when in 2016, the stars aligned and they finally talked. They kissed within the first five minutes of officially meeting. The setting was fitting: a queer dance party. Since then, they’ve been in a beautiful relationship, and they attribute their success to support, comfort and acceptance. “Also, when we fight, we have a code word to ask for reconciliation. One of us says ‘restart?’ (Khara always gets it wrong and says ‘reset’) and if the other agrees, we let go of whatever it was, whatever point we were trying to make, and return to love,” explains Bunny.

The pair are able to deal with challenges and struggles because of their wise nature. “Our greatest struggles have been resultant of our individual histories and healing from the traumas of failed relationships. In realizing that our biggest fears are triggered by the vulnerability we want/need to have with each other, we are free to confront them as the hallucinations that they are, and to be truly open with one another along the way,” says Bunny.

Bunny’s favorite thing about Khara is their unassuming wisdom. “They are a secret sage.” Khara loves Bunny’s “penchant for compassion and understanding. When asked where they see themselves in five years, a simple three-word answer was offered by them both: house, dog, baby.

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