Captivating Couples: Meet The Couples Who Stole Our Hearts This Year

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by Stephanie Wood

LORI & ALANA — Ann Arbor, MI
Lori Interlicchio, Law Student
Alana Duran, Researcher

You might recognize Lori and Alana as the lesbian couple who went viral after Lori donated her kidney to Alana. Before they were a match for a kidney transplant, they were a match on Tinder. They met in lesbian Long Island hangout Cherry Grove after swiping for each other on the dating app in 2015.

Since then, their love has grown, thanks to “trust, respect, patience and making up songs about each other.” The two live together in Ann Arbor now, but they were long distance for a year, what Lori says was a challenge, but “made it work by communicating regularly and making the most of our time together during visits.” Alana’s favorite thing about Lori is “she always sings silly songs about me even though she is a terrible singer. She’s good with kids. And she talks to our dog as if she is a person.” Lori loves that the way Alana treats strangers. “If a homeless person asks her for change, she will take them to lunch and listen to their story. She is generous and kind and she really cares about people.”

They aren’t sure where they’ll be in five years, but Alana says they both want kids at some point. “Put a ring on it, Alana,” Lori chimes in.

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