2017’s Couples We Love, Part 2

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Courtesy of Alex Koones

ALEX & MARIA – New York, NY
Alex Koones, Event coordinator and creator of Babetown
Maria Dueñas, Primary care physician at Montefiore Hospital

Alex and Maria first matched on Tinder eight months ago.

“I invited Maria to meet me at the rooftop bar of Eataly, which used to be this really cool beer garden, but when I got there for our date, it had been renovated to these weird preppy ‘Italian seaside’ themed bar,” Alex recalled. “I remember thinking Maria was going to think I was the type of person who hung out at snobby bars and hate me, but, obviously, it ended up going well.”

The couple say that despite being very different people, they see themselves as a compliment to each other.  “Despite our differences, we have a certain set of principles and values that tie us together and have helped us connect on deeper levels,” Maria told GO. “We’ve found ways to communicate openly and honestly with each other which ultimately allows us to be who we are without any reservations.”

“I don’t usually get into serious, committed or remotely monogamous relationships,” Alex said. “But with Maria, it’s been on since day one. So when friends and family meet her, they do say to me ‘Wow, so is this the girl you’re gonna marry or what?’ and generally my answer is, ‘I hope so.’”

“I hope to have Alex as my partner in crime, whatever the future holds for either of us,” Maria said, and while she’s not generally that interested in the institution of marriage, she can see herself exploring the idea with Alex. “The connection of love we’ve built thus far tells me we are in for an endless ride,” she said.

Maria loves Alex’s passion and drive to accomplish her goals, and sees her partner as a “genuine and caring soul.” “Also, she makes a mean steak,” Maria said, “and rocks a crop top like nobody’s business.” As for how Alex feels about Maria? “She looks pretty dope in a blazer.”

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