2017’s Couples We Love, Part 2

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Courtesy of Bianca Dagga

BIANCA & REINA – New York, NY and Baltimore, MD
Bianca Dagga, Burlesque performer and silversmith
Reina Williams, Singer/songwriter and producer

Bianca was a fan of Reina’s before they started dating. “I came across Reina’s music in 2012 when I went to her concert alone, after my date that night canceled on me,” Bianca said. “Reina signed a CD for me, and I didn’t see her again for another year.”

In 2013, Bianca was the one on stage, performing burlesque as part of Drae Campbell’s Prime party in Brooklyn, when she noticed Reina in the audience. “By the time I finished performing, she had made her way to the front and center of the crowd,” Bianca said. “After the show, she came up to me, bought me a glass of Prosecco, and we danced all night.” It turned out Reina had never forgotten her brief interaction with Bianca and was hoping to get to know her better. The feeling was mutual.

The couple now works together, with Reina helping Bianca on burlesque costuming and Bianca marketing for Reina’s music and shows. They also have a lot in common outside of their shared passion for entertainment, including their love of travel and “the simple things, like spending time in nature, cooking together, cuddling and watching films.”

“Reina has the ability to crack me up,” Bianca said. “The tears-in-your-eyes, deep belly laughter.”

The couple dealt with some family issues in 2016, which they said was a “real test.” “We had to reevaluate how we communicated,” they said. “We realized that a lot of the issues that came up were outside factors not within the relationship. Our love prevailed, and we are stronger because of it.”

As for getting married, it’s “definitely in the stars,” Bianca and Reina say. “We want to continue to flourish together both as a couple and as individuals,” Bianca said. “We want to harvest the fruits of our dreams manifested, see more of the world together, and continue to be the entertainment power couple that we are.”

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