2017’s Couples We Love, Part 2

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by Ericka Hart

ERICKA & EBONY –Brooklyn, NY
Ericka Hart, Sexuality educator, activist and writer
Ebony Donnley, Audio engineer and writer

Ebony was vacationing in New York City last summer “and just so happened to reactivate Tinder,” when she came across Ericka. They both swiped right and chatted about ’90s RnB and play parties, then met for a date at North Brooklyn Farms in Williamsburg.

Ebony, who was from Oakland, brought kombucha. Ericka couldn’t help but notice what a “California” thing that was to do. She was obviously charmed by it. “We sat on the grass,” Ericka recalled, “and talked like we were just catching up as old friends.”

The couple continued to keep the spark alive despite the distance, saving up to visit each other as often as they could during the six months they spent on separate coasts. Ebony recently moved to New York and the couple now live together in a beautiful Brooklyn apartment. “She’s definitely the smartest person I have ever met,” Ericka said. “How much we communicate and how we genuinely enjoy talking to and spending time with one another is not ‘success’ insomuch as it is luck. Our obsession with each other is on equal footing.”

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