2017’s Couples We Love, Part 2

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by Gabby Motola

Jack Langley Reid, Actress and model
Marianna Fox, Structural massage therapist, abstract painter and musician

Jack and Marianna had a secret summer wedding in Iceland. “We wanted this to be between just us,” the couple said. “A memorable moment without the worry of guests.”

Now living between New York and their cabin in the Catskills, Jack and Mariana (who met on Facebook in 2014 while Marianna was still living in Austin, Texas) share a love of art, films and “exploring the unknown.” “We travel and explore and both love adventures,” the couple said.

Jack loves Marianna’s smile, while Marianna praises Jack’s eyes. “The color, the shape. She tells a whole story without words. Her eyes also tell me daily how much she loves me,” she said.

The couple is extremely supportive of each other’s desires and goals, and praise one another for their ability to “communicate successfully.” “We believe in being independent, but we also like having a certain level of dependency when it comes to our hearts,” they shared. And as for the family and friends that had to miss out on the wedding, the couple said they plan on having a celebration next fall.

In the next few years, the couple say they hope to be “exploring the unknown; making our hearts stretch to infinite possibilities.” No matter what happens, “We will still be together,” they said. “That is a sound fact.”

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