2017’s Couples We Love, Part 2

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life.

Photo by Brycen Gaines

Ashley Williams, High school special education English teacher
Sulki Moise, Licensed professional nurse

Ashley and Sulki met on OKCupid last summer, where they say they became “quick friends.” Their first date followed a month later, and have since enjoyed each other’s ability to be each other’s greatest allies, especially through the difficulty of coming out to their families.

“When Sulki came out to her family, they did not support her and haven’t been around for her. I recently came out to my mother, and though she does not agree, she still wants to support my choices in life,” Ashley said. “This bonds us together even more because we want to be each other’s support systems and share that with our future children in whoever they desire to be and love.”

Although they said they have been challenged by their “different backgrounds and certain ideals,” they’ve managed to find common ground in their love for one another. “My favorite thing about Sulki is her passion and strength,” Ashley said. “She has been through so many struggles in her life, and yet she still manages to get through the day with her contagious smile. She never gives up on her goals and everything she puts her mind to, she does 100 percent.”

Ashley adores Sulki’s laugh. “I love the fact that she’s real and raw…very honest and always has been since the first day I met [her].”

The two are looking forward to marriage and children, but not in the near future as they want to let their “relationship take its natural course.”

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