2017 Couples We Love, Part 1

GO’s annual celebration of inspiring partnerships in love and life. Check the April issue for Part 2.

Erin Wilson and Laura “Fi” Fiorino | Photo: Kessia Embry

ERIN & FI – Los Angeles, CA
Erin Wilson, Content Manager at Los Angeles LGBT Center
Laura “Fi” Fiorino, Controller at La Mer Collections

Erin and Fi first met in 1999 while they were in rival sororities at Olivet College, just one difficulty they’ve faced during their seven-year relationship and three years of marriage. 

“We are both complete opposites when it comes to most things,” Erin said. “We often have very different ideas of how things should be done. Over the years we’ve learned to not only communicate what it is we want or need, but also recognize when we personally might be being selfish and not taking into consideration what the other person wants.”  

After learning that lesson, the wives celebrate each other’s selflessness. “She is literally always thinking of me,” Erin said, “whether it’s bringing me coffee in bed, filling my car up with gas, making my lunch—she just does those things for me because she wants to make me happy and make life just a little easier for me.” 

Similarly, Fi loves Erin’s “passion and desire to help others.” “Her smile can light up a room, and her energy can get everyone motivated to do good in our community,”  Fi said. “[I love] her amazing laugh. And the way she says the word ‘orange’ is really cute.”

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