Women at the Helm 2015

Meet 16 dynamos who are true models of success

President and CEO of Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute

More openly gay folks in government means a better political climate for us all, and that’s the mission of The Victory Fund and Institute, an organization for out public officials. Leading the nonprofit as president and CEO is Aisha C. Moodie-Mills, a highly accomplished woman with an extensive background in political and LGBT causes. Highlights of her career have included working as a political adviser, private sector liaison and fundraiser, as well as being the senior fellow and director of the FIRE (Fighting Injustice to Reach Equality) Initiative at the Center for American Progress. At Victory Fund, Moodie-Mills heads a group working to establish the careers and leadership talent of Victory program participants and political candidates. In addition, Moodie-Mills appears on MSNBC as a commentator, contributes to publications like The Atlantic, and hosts a political and pop culture radio show, Politini, with wife Danielle. A strong drive is clearly one secret of her success, but Moodie-Mills also had some help along the way. “Your network is your net worth,” she says. “Cultivate it, nurture it, and leverage it to grow. No one achieves greatness on [her] own.”