Captivating Couples 2015

All you need is love!

Long Beach, NY
Samantha, 31, owner and pastry chef of SamiCakes Boutique
Colette, 33, hairstylist, event planner and fitness instructor/trainer

Before they got together, Sam and Colette enjoyed a nice, friendly relationship. Sam would get her hair done at Colette´s salon and participate in Colette´s charity events. That friendship led to love, though it took many years. The secret of their success? "It´s our connection," they say. "We respect that we are individuals as well as a unit. We both love life, caring for others and share similar passions. Having similar interests is key in a relationship." As is enjoying each other´s special qualities. Colette, for instance, takes deep joy in Sam´s laughter. "It´s so genuine. And I´m consistently in awe of her artistic talent. She can create anything with her hands." (Like Jennifer Lopez´s famous 45th birthday cake, featuring the singer lying on top of a lion.) Sam, meanwhile, says she loves Colette´s zest for life. "I appreciate how she genuinely cares for the happiness of others and myself." There´ve been some bumps in the road, however. "Learning to trust another woman was extremely challenging for me," admits Colette, "and working through that process was not always easy in the beginning." Sam says that understanding one another and embracing their different lifestyles has sometimes been difficult. But they´ve worked hard to overcome those challenges, and now they´re headed to the altar! Well, one day. The couple got engaged in Maui nine months ago, but right now say they´re simply "enjoying the engagement, and will start planning when we feel the time is perfect. No rush!"