Captivating Couples 2015

All you need is love!

Brooklyn, NY
Ruslana, 27, professional bodybuilder and fitness/nutrition coach
Sherri, 29, GM for a national fitness brand and certified personal trainer

Ruslana works with clients through social media and creates programs from beginner at-home workouts to competition preps. "Sometimes Sherri and I collaborate…which makes a great mix with our Russian and American fitness backgrounds (I am a professional body builder, and Sherri was a professional basketball player.)" Not surprisingly, the couple met at the gym. "I was the manager," remembers Sherri, "and when I saw Ruslana I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I didn´t want to be unprofessional and let her know I was interested, but luckily she ended up pursuing me." Two years later, they now appreciate each other´s deeper qualities. Sherri is attracted to Ruslana´s kindness and caring, while Ruslana believes Sherri "is the most mature and positive person I´ve ever been with." They´ve seen some tough times, though. "One was near the beginning of our relationship [when] we were partying way too much, as most young lesbians do," says Sherri. "[That put] a strain on our relationship and was a big reason why we started to adopt a healthier lifestyle." She thinks one key to their success as a couple is trust. "We both have finally found a relationship where we fully trust one another." Optimistic attitudes also serve them well; they like to reflect on quotes that emphasize positivity. While they´re not talking about marriage, currently, they´re both blissful in their committed relationship. Sherri says they see themselves five years from now "happy and healthy with successful careers and an additional puppy and kitten."