Captivating Couples 2015

All you need is love!


Brooklyn, NY
Dara, 39, education policy consultant and global peace-builder
Bevin, 36, body liberation activist and blogger for Queer Fat Femme (

Sometimes it´s hard to tell when someone is flirting with you. Dara tried to get Bevin´s attention back in 2012 by asking her how to attract other women. Eventually, Bevin realized that Dara was actually into her. The couple faced tough times in 2014 with Dara´s cancer diagnosis, her dad´s death, their dog having emergency back surgery and Bevin´s cats passing on, but were also "able to be there for each other in this really amazing way," they say. "We worked together to focus on things that brought us joy, rather than getting rolled over by the fear and sadness. …Even though it was a really hard year, it was simultaneously beautiful and incredibly fun because we had each other." Fun is definitely a priority for these two, as is adventure. In fact, one of the things Bevin likes best about Dara is how she´s so open to new experiences. As for Dara, she appreciates Bevin´s honesty. "She makes herself incredibly vulnerable in a way that most humans fear doing and just puts it out to the world through her writing. It´s beautiful and very brave." Dara and Bevin want to get married, but are waiting until they have enough resources and ideas to pull off the amazing bash they dream of. Right now, they´re just enjoying their luck at having found each other. "There´s palpable electricity between us," they say. "It feels like we were meant to be together."

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