Captivating Couples 2015

All you need is love!

Los Angeles, CA
Bitch, 41, musician
Billie Jo, 34, conceptual artist

Bitch and Billie Jo make more than a cute couple—they also make important art. Bitch, in case you´ve been living under a rock, was half of queercore duo Bitch and Animal, has performed solo and with her band, Bitch+The Exciting Conclusion, and has toured with Ani DiFranco and The Indigo Girls. She´s released ten studio albums, like Make This Break This (2006) and the more recent Blasted! (2010). She also worked with the lesbian folk icon Ferron, producing two albums and a documentary (in collaboration with Billie Jo) about the artist. Plus, as if that weren´t enough, she´s a composer, actor (she was in the film Shortbus) and performance artist. Like her partner, Billie Jo also blazes a unique artistic trail. She is a conceptual artist who works in video, sculpture, painting and music. The couple, who met at a Brooklyn dance party, joke that their success is due to mutual enjoyment of "sugarless milkshakes," but really it´s that they´ve formed a mutual admiration society. Bitch loves Billie´s intellect while Billie enjoys Bitch´s optimism. Traveling non-stop has been tough on their relationship, and they´ve found that rescuing another dog has eased that burden. They also try to work together whenever possible. Billie Jo (using the name Alligator) is a part of Bitch´s new musical project called BEACH. She´s created several videos for the group and Bitch´s music video for her song "Kitchen." Catch it on Bitch´s bitchmusic Channel on YouTube.

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