Captivating Couples 2015

All you need is love!

Brooklyn, NY
Leah, 29, head of social strategy at Ralph & Co, working on their Netflix Originals account
Lindsey, 34, director of digital and social marketing at HBO

Leah and Lindsey have discovered a few tricks to keeping their relationship healthy. "We maintain a shared sense of what really matters," they say, "[such as] a common prioritization of family. We try to speak to one another with a very irreverent sense of humor. We focus on teaching each other things that open both our horizons…and push each other to be better friends, sisters, bosses, daughters." The couple, who work in the television industry (Leah handles social strategy for Netflix, while Lindsey does digital and social marketing for HBO) met via OkCupid in April 2013. And while being in love is a total blast most of the time, they´ve struggled mightily with one issue. "When you´re in love, it´s easy to take the joy of being coupled off for granted and lose sight of your individual identity—the things that endeared the other person to you in the first place. We recently discovered that if we don´t prioritize alone time with friends and family, or keep pursuing our unique dreams, then our bright spots start to dim. To overcome this, we´re communicating about it openly and pushing one another outside our comfort zones." They think they might get married someday and see themselves living in the woods because, as they put it, "city life is for the birds."

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