Captivating Couples 2015

All you need is love!

Newark, NJ
Patrice, 32, substitute teacher and film student
Yolanda, 46, owner of Motivational Counsel-
ing LLC

Yolanda was at a friend´s party (in 2008) and couldn´t help but notice the woman pouring drinks. She kept returning to her to talk, and they eventually exchanged phone numbers. Three months later, they went out on their first date. Four years later, they separated, but it turned out to be a good thing. "The time apart was necessary to show us just how much we loved each other," they say. "Reuniting was bound to happen, but didn´t come without its challenges. We have found couples therapy to be a major source of support." That therapeutic support has worked so well, in fact, that they´ll be getting engaged later this year, and will say "I do" after Patrice completes her bachelor´s degree. "I´m blessed to have a supportive partner who is willing to wait for me to achieve my goals," she says. And while supporting one another is a huge part of their relationship, they both believe "it´s also important to know when to give each other space. We´ve had several challenges due to our age gap and different approaches, and we´ve learned how to be open and accommodate each other´s worlds." And it´s important, they believe, to have fun and never lose sight of how lucky you are. "Take the time to smell the roses and ENJOY your relationship." Their future includes Yolanda´s book, Patrice´s production company and possibly a little one.

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