100 Women We Love 2015

We are thrilled to present this year’s 100 Women We Love—an incredibly diverse group of out entertainers, athletes, artists, activists, business leaders and elected officials.


In her three years as a cast member on Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon has become one of its biggest draws, gifting us with slam-dunk impressions of Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Justin Bieber. She´s also created some great original characters, like Olya Povlatsky, a Russian woman living in deplorable conditions; slutty barfly Sheila Sauvage; Les “Dyke” Dykawitz of TV cop team Dyke & Fats and Barbara DeDrew, the plain-dressing lesbian co-owner of cat rescue place Whiskers ´R´ We. McKinnon´s hire made history for SNL, as she is the show´s only out lesbian cast member ever and its first openly queer cast member in more than 25 years. Before SNL, she was part of Logo´s The Big Gay Sketch Show, which showcased one of her funniest characters, Fitzwilliam, a sweet British boy who wants a vagina. When not in front of SNL´s cameras, McKinnon has been quietly building a film career with parts in the lesbian-themed comedy Life Partners and Intramural. Next summer, she´ll join fellow SNL cast members Leslie Jones and Cecily Strong (along with SNL alum Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy) in an all-female revamp of Ghostbusters. And that´s only one of many projects in the pipeline. “I have a lot of plans,” she recently told Entertainment Weekly. “Lots of things up my sleeve.”

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