Red Hot Entrepreneurs 2014

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Co-CEO and Co-Founder,

Rachel Kimelman is a clinical social worker and emerging entrepreneur whose original career intent was to become a psychotherapist. Two years ago, she switched gears when she and her best friend Jordan Weiss recognized a gap in the LGBT online dating market—and applied her psychology training to the business world. They co-founded, a relationship-oriented dating and social networking site for the entire LGBTQ community. ″We developed the custom content on the site and did major research regarding the LGBTQ community and existing dating sites to ensure that we would bring something new and innovative to the community,″ she says. launched in November 2013 as a platform for users to find romantic relationships or build new friendships. Every day, 40 to 50 new members join its thousands of users. Kimelman handles the day-to-day operations, edits the site content, and collaborates with Weiss on new marketing initiatives. ″We always look for the best ways to provide members of our site with a welcoming and positive user experience with like-minded people,″ she says, and adds that they participate in LGBTQ events to stay connected and informed. Noting that she´s often the only woman in the room at entrepreneurial and investor conferences, Kimelman is proud to represent the lesbian community. ″My greatest feeling of inspiration is seeing other women give it their all in a predominantly male-dominated business world.″

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