100 Women We Love 2016

Here’s to this year's class of the women who inspire us, give us hope, make us laugh and make us want to get up and dance. 


British improvisational comedy duo Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton are a real-life couple whose romantic relationship—and their tendency to overshare about it—has entranced thousands of avid fans around the world via their YouTube channel (youtube.com/user/RoseEllenDix). And did we mention they’re both incredibly telegenic? That helps! Rose and Rosie firmly believe it is 100 percent “totally OK to unapologetically be yourself” and we could not agree more with that philosophy. Their weekly entertainment videos cover hilarious, relatable topics such as “Spicing Up Our Relationship,” “No One 69s Anymore” and “Our Failings as People.” The most fulfilling aspect of what they do, they say, is simply making people happy. “When we get sent a message from a sub-scriber saying that they’re in a bad place in their lives right now, but watching our videos has cheered them up and made them feel better, that’s the best feeling,” they say. “To think that we haven’t met that person face-to-face, but we have still been able to affect them positively in some way is so incredible.” –SLO

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