100 Women We Love 2016

Here’s to this year's class of the women who inspire us, give us hope, make us laugh and make us want to get up and dance. 


Beth Mejia, a cardiac MRI imaging specialist and co-founder of the Twin Cities chapter of Gay for Good, believes in a simple dream: making the world a better place. “I’ve been a caregiver all of my life,” she tells GO. “I take care of others because it’s what I know.” Gay for Good’s mission is to do good and be good. Through her organization’s efforts, city parks get cleaned; people are fed and celebrated; and a movement she helped create makes a positive impact. Raised by a single mom in Minneapolis, she grew up “a child of trauma,” but was deeply influenced by the love and support of her grandmother. Mejia’s life experiences motivate her to work tirelessly for social justice. “We are just trying to be okay in the world,” she reminds us. She’s been active with Minnesotans United for All Families, Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), to name a few. Transformation is her buzzword. Equality is her mission. “Any of us can do better,” she says. “Any of us can contribute to making the lives around us better. Sometimes we just need a place to start. And that is where I come in: helping people find their voices is the greatest gift I can give my community.” –SLO

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