Shari Frilot

Sundance Film Festival Senior Programmer Shari Frilot is one busy woman; she’s currently developing the New Frontier program for Sundance, scouting new work in New York, working on a multimedia project about water, putting together an art book and inventing a top-secret new game. In fact, she hasn’t slowed down since she graduated from Harvard and went from television producer to award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of MIX BRASIL and MIX MÉXICO, the first gay Latin American film festivals. Her multimedia vision promises to effect a radical positive change in the future of film. “The field is actually set for a quantum leap,” claims Frilot. “I hope when that happens, we stop making box office grosses part of our cultural conversation and refocus our discussion on how bad-ass the art of cinema is.” –MF

In no particular order…