Kathy Wolfe

A successful businesswoman in a growing niche market, Kathy Wolfe founded the LGBT video and DVD distributor Wolfe Video in 1985, after a lifelong interest and fruitful career in filmmaking, videography and visual arts. Wolfe Video began as a mail-order company for gay- and lesbian-interest videos, tapping into a then-ignored market. The company, which is now a large online venture with a staggering inventory, still reflects Wolfe’s dedication to social responsibility and serving the interests of her customers. “The biggest change in the business [since we began] is the mainstream acceptance of lesbian and gay film,” she says. “Queer entertainment is now readily available in most mainstream stores, and it’s not just studio product, but independent films as well. Here at Wolfe we have created a marketing model designed to help independent filmmakers get their story out there—and to pay them ongoing royalties, too!” –KL

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