Gina Mamone

As president and CEO of Riot Grrl, Ink., the largest queer record label in the world, Gina Mamone is devoted to promoting LGBT musicians. “I get to help a lot of really amazing people make their art,” she says. With around 40 albums in various stages of production at any given time, her job runs 24/7. “We’re DIY punk, and it’s kind of outlandish that it’s come this far,” she says. Riot Grrl runs on a radical capitalist model: Literally all of the company’s proceeds go to the artists, while Mamone supports herself with side gigs. Her name appeared on both the 2006 and 2007 Ms. Magazine’s Real Hot 100, a list of notable female activists. Meanwhile, the sounds and words of God-dess and She, Alix Olsen and Michelle Tea keep streaming from her decks. –JB

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