Chantal Carrere

“Everybody kept telling me I was funny,” says comedian and soon-to-be reality star Chantal Carrere of her segue into the biz. “Then I got dumped and I was like, I have nothing to lose, so I’ll just try it. I think that’s how a lot of comics start out—broken and abused.” But from humble beginnings came great things for Carrere, who has since emerged as a successful standup, and recently wrapped filming on ABC’s Fat March, a reality show about 12 overweight people who walk nearly 600 miles from Boston to Washington, DC. “It’s over. I won,” she says. “Well, six of us won…I won 40 grand. I lost 51 pounds. It was amazing.” Next up: AIDS Lifecycle in June, the Nike Women’s Marathon in October, and her 2008 comedy tour, which is already in swing. “I’m bringing funny back,” she says, “how ‘bout that?” –CL

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