100 Women We Love: Class Of 2019

Sarah Schulman

Photo by Drew Stevens

Novelist, non-fiction writer, playwright, screenwriter, journalist, AIDS historian—and, likely one of the most important intellects of our time and community—Sarah Schulman is currently at work on her 20th book, slated for 2021: “Let the Record Show: ACT UP and the Enduring Relationship of AIDS.” She’s also collaborating with the legendary Marianne Faithfull on a theatre piece, “The Snow Queen,” which premieres at the Manchester Factory in 2022. Serving on the advisory board of Jewish Voice for Peace, the Racial Imaginary, and a faculty advisor for Students for Justice in Palestine, Schulman has been a tireless worker for all human rights, a true artist-as-activist. And she recognizes she isn’t alone in the fight. “Today, most radical movements have queer and trans people in their leadership and rank and file. Black Lives Matter, Palestine Solidarity, Abortion Rights, these are queer friendly movements with lots of out people.” Schulman sees allyship with the members of these movements almost as an obligation. “What we do as LGBT people needs to recognize and stand with Dreamers, with Refugees, with people fighting police violence, with women seeking abortion,” she says. “Assimilating into the white power structure is not the road towards the common good.” True creative that she is, with a few plays and films in the works, Schulman’s personal dream is to work more in stage, film, and television. “I think a number of my books are ripe for film adaptations and TV series, now that some of the restrictions on lesbian representation are softening. And I want to work on a number of new ideas.” —JDG

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