100 Women We Love: Class Of 2019

Lisa Bunker

Photo by Lisa Bunker

In 2018, Lisa Bunker made history by becoming one of two transgender women elected to the New Hampshire State House of Representatives, but she’s pretty modest about this success. Instead, she’s more excited to talk about her writing. Her most recent book, “Zenobia July,” chronicles the story of a transgender girl living as a girl for the first time—a story that Bunker hopes gives gender-variant kids a representation of themselves in a wider cultural lens. “When I was a young unexpressed trans girl, I couldn’t find myself in any of the stories I read,” she says. “There were no trans characters. I’m proud of having a hand in changing that for the generation growing up now.” She hopes to represent the same diverse perspectives in the legislation she sponsors in the New Hampshire State House, challenging how we define terms like “normal” to create a society built on justice, acceptance, and compassion. “Being out and transitioning has allowed me to live my best life,” she says. Now she wants the chance to help others do the same. —RK

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