100 Women We Love: Class Of 2019

Clare Worsley

Photo by Eric Payne

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area and coming out in a city with such a vibrant queer community greatly influenced Clare Worsley’s interest in telling queer stories through images. The photographer moved to New York seven years ago, and becoming part of the queer community there amplified her drive to make art by, for, and about queer people. “I have met so many incredible and special people from my community through my work as a photographer,” Worsley tells GO. “The best feeling is when the person I’m shooting reaches a point of mutual trust with me and tells me they feel confident and seen,” she says. Another part of photography that speaks to her is the understanding that comes from seeing someone through her lens, especially in regards to queer people. “When I shoot events, they are usually queer events,” Worsley says. “Having the opportunity to document the beauty of queer folks coming together to share space and have the freedom to unapologetically be their authentic selves while having fun is the purest feeling of joy.” Worsley is especially drawn to the ability of the queer people to choose their own families. “I think that encouraging the idea that family does not have to be defined by blood and emphasizing the importance of community is imperative and can save so many of us from feeling abandoned,” she says. “To remember that you are not alone and that family can absolutely be chosen is so important for survival.” —DT

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