10 Perfect Halloween Costumes For The Political Queer Girl

We have rounded up 10 badass costumes.

I have to admit something shameful as a queer person. I always forget about Halloween until the last minute and have to throw together a costume with whatever is in my closet. I’ve gotten really good at it over the years and have rocked a badass Poison Ivy and last minute skeleton. Halloween is basically Christmas for gay people—a celebration where we get to go all out with dressing up as our favorite character or inspirational feminist.

If you’re like me and you need some last minute inspiration for this weekend, then keep scrolling. We have rounded up 10 badass costumes for the political queer girl.

If you’re into manga, then you definitely know of  Yoshihiro Togashi series “Hunter X Hunter”. Though neither character has come out as queer (yet)—these two definitely are crushing on each other. Remember that time Amane blushed when Canary called her cute?! Sigh. This is a perfect couple or queer best friend duo costume.

What you’ll need:

Amane: A black suit with a white button up and gemstone necktie—which you could easily make with some ribbon and a gem from a craft store. A badass pair of glasses and a slicked back ponytail.

Canary: A black suit with a white button up and gemstone necktie—which you could easily make with some ribbon and a gem from a craft store. A fake sword with a green gemstone on the handle.

“Adventure Time” is probably one of the most complex and beautiful cartoons out there. They delve into serious content matter but make it accessible for all ages. Princess “Bonnibel” Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen are best friends moving through the world of Ooo struggling with loneliness and searching for family. The show-runners have long eluded to the fact that the two have had a relationship in the past and spend an eternity together. Again, this is a perfect costume for besties or a couple!

What you’ll need:

Bubblegum: A long pink dress, a pink wig and a princess crown. All easy to find at your local costume shop!

Marceline: High waisted jeans, knee-high brown boots, a red tank, a black wig (if you don’t have long black hair) and a little ukulele.

Do you have a badass girl gang? The Pussy Riot is the costume for y’all. The music group are some hardcore political feminists who continue to f*ck things up in their home country of Russia.

What you’ll need:

This costume is super easy. You’ll each need brightly colored tights, dresses and ski masks paired with your tried and true pair of Doc Martins.

Did you hear the amazing news that came in the form of a tweet from actress Tessa Thompson? She plays Valkyrie in the new “Thor: Ragnarok” and says that “She’s bi. And yes, she cares very little about what men think of her. What a joy to play!” So here is your costume, bi babes!

What you’ll need:

An all-black outfit, preferably with some plastic armor from a Halloween store and a cape. Pair that with some elbow length black leather gloves, slick your back and paint on some badass makeup matching Thompson from the above photo. You’re ready to go!

Are you a gay girl with a straight best friend? If so, this is the costume for you. I mean, who doesn’t love Buffy and Willow? Their complicated friendship throughout the seasons basically changed my life.

What you’ll need:

Buffy: A leather jacket is a must, with a 90s silky tank underneath. Of course, you can’t forget your vampire killing dagger.

Willow: An all 90s inspired getup. The most important aspect is red hair (a wig if you must) and a choker, Willow always had an awesome choker. For clothes, you can choose from red jeans, jean overalls or a classic 90s stripped sweater.

Alright, lesbians who tech—calling on all of you to rock a Riri Williams costume. Williams is an incredible superhero who channels her powers for good. After Tony Stark fell, she decided to carry on the legacy of Iron Heart. Her super-genius level of intelligence and skills as an inventor and engineer are a continually reminder that women can truly do anything.

What you’ll need:

A pair of black leggings, red fabric tape to make a line down the side of your leggings, a red tank with a gem or cutout circle in the middle, hoop earrings and black boots. If you can find an Iron Heart mask at a Halloween store to carry around as well, even better!

I. Love. Arizona. Robins. She is quirky and cute and such an unabashed lesbian. Robins is a character that reminds me that it’s okay to be unafraid of going after what you want. I love when she goes through her slutty phase and has Richard Webber as her wingman.

What you’ll need:

Scrub, a bright smile, and wheelie sneakers. Bonus points if you get a mini stuffed animal pin to go on your scrubs.

RBG is a classic feminist costume option. The Supreme Court Judge continues to lead the way with her strong commitment to democracy, the legacy of speaking for the people and standing up for her beliefs. She is a true icon.

What you’ll need:

A grey wig in a low bun, a black judge’s gown, white lace to drape over your shoulders, black gloves and glasses. Bonus points if you bring a gavel.

Who didn’t love Kelly and Yorkie’s episode of “Black Mirror?” It gave us hope in a desperate time that complex lesbian and bisexual characters can exist in media. In the “San Junipero” episode, the two fall in love in an alternate universe where they can travel time and live in able bodies, though the real bodies are stuck on Earth quickly aging. The two make a decision to join together permanently in this alternate universe and allow themselves to have love.

What you’ll need:

Kelly: A badass 80s jacket with studs. Pink lipstick, lots of jewelry, a perm and your dancing shoes.

Yorkie: A button-up and striped sweater, some glasses, chapstick and a hair beret.

I think this will probably be one of the most popular costumes this year. But whatever. You can rock it better than anyone in your friend groups, babes. This is perfect for all you fierce bisexual ladies. Wonder Woman is strong yet emotional. She is fearless and unstoppable. And I mean, she comes from the land of lesbos. What could be better?!

What you’ll need:

A sword, wrist cuffs, a brown bodice with a brown skirt, a brown leather harness and of course the classic Wonder Woman crown.

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