Event Photos

Misster at The Woods

Misster Wednesday at The Woods is always the place to be on Wednesday nights in Brooklyn. It’s the lezzy watering-hole thanks to promoter/ DJ Amber Valentine! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Ginger’s Bar

Ginger’s Bar on 5th st & 5th ave in Brooklyn is always a cute place to spend your Saturday night! It’s always been a staple lezzy watering-hole in BK and always will be. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

11th Annual Menorah Horah at DROM!

The 11th annual Menorah Horah, a “beachy Hanukkah burlesque” show, instantly heated up the audience at DROM this past Saturday night. Darlinda Just Darlinda brought the beach to us and we couldn’t have been more thankful for this steamy treat on a cold December night! Special thanks and shout out to The Shlep Sisters, Thirsty Girl Productions, and Darlinda Just Darlinda for performing in and producing this fabulous show also featuring; Bastard Kieth, Lil Miss Lixx, Cherry Pitz, Dangrrr Doll, Minnie Tonka, and Casssandra Rosebeetle! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Dapper Tomboy’s Holiday Party

The queers came out dressed to impress for Dapper Tomboy’s holiday party at The Rosemont! Thanks to Gabby and Natasha for putting together this event! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Fuzion: It’s a SAG Thing!

Fuzion: It’s a SAG Thing, celebrated promoters Cynthia Russo and Lori Torres’ Birthdays at a new venue, Retro Club NYC. This was a birthday bash you didn’t want to miss with DJ Mary Mac and DJ Melly Mel on deck! Hosted by Crazy Maria Cherry Lips and made possible by Kate of LGNYC, GirlnationNYC, NYDreamGirl, Shameen, Cynthia Russo, Hana Love, and Las Reinas Ent. #Wewerethere Were you?!

Hot Rabbit’s Relaunch Party at DROM

Hot Rabbit’s relaunch party at DROM was LIT!! Russell Elliot SLAYED the stage while Ondina marveled us with an aerial lyra performance! Sexy go-go magic by Andrew Barret Cox and Molly Electro made the club super steamy. DJ TRX & DJ BBari killed their sets. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Hot Rabbit’s Bad Habit

DJ Ickarus and DJ Illexxandra packed the house at Bad Habit at Lot 45 this past Saturday night! Dancers from the House of Olympus tore the house down and the incredible K James blessed us with a dope drag performance. Glitch Bitch set up a pop up shop to add glitz to our already glam outfits. #Wewerethere! Were you!?

Henrietta Hudson

Henrietta Hudson was killer this past Saturday night with DJ Culi on deck and free Sex on the Beach shots for the first 100 Guests! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

GirlNationNYC at The Stonewall Inn

GirlNationNYC takes over The Stonewall Inn’s second floor every first Friday of the month and always packs the dance floor! DJ RI-Mix killed her set and dancer Scarlett Snow left us wanting so much more! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Metropolitan 15 yr Anniversary Bash!

Metropolitan’s 15 year anniversary bash was an absolute ball complete with queens galore! This line up left us wanting so much more! Ragamuffin, Charlene, Glace Chase, Miz Jade, Rify Royalty, Horrorchata, Merrie Cherry, Will Sheridan, Glace Chase, Alotta McGriddles, Elizabeth James and Hannah Lou SLAYED!!! Thanks to door Goddess Heidi Glum and DJ Frankie Sharp, DJ Manilla Ice, DJ Cameron Cooper, DJ Michael Cavadias, DJ Hannah Lou, and DJ Horrorchata for making this dope night sexy and poppin! #WeWereThere! Were you?!

$2 Margarita Tuesday at Cubbyhole

$2 Margarita Tuesday at Cubbyhole is the perfect place to warm up on these cold winter nights. Thanks to the incredible staff behind the bar the margaritas are delicious and never stop flowing! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

XOXA Cosmic House of Senses

XOXA’s Cosmic House of Senses at House of Yes was a blast! DJ HardCandy, DJ Darelectric, and DJ Kate Garvey were out of this world. Henna by Hannah Beth, Body Painting by Michael Trotter, Galactic Glitter Station by Mae Ahern, Queer alien burlesque by Gia Fagnelli, Pole dancing by Gia Fagnelli, Visuals by Kelly Xi, and Wanderdusted by vendor Erin Wong kept everyone entertained. #Wewerethere! Were you?!

Bum Bum Bar Black Friday Party

Bum Bum Bar’s Black Friday Party saved 3 lucky raffle winners a trip out to the store and sent them home with a toaster, coffee maker, and a little stove! Come check out the hottest LGBTQ spot in Queens! #Wewerethere! Were you?!

F*cksgiving 2017: Stuff It!

The F*ck You Revue is proud to celebrate the annual tradition of F*cksgiving, an alternate celebration where we gather to honor everything that gets left out in this holiday. This month, guest hosts Glenn Marla and Faux Pas le Fae will be presenting a star studded cast of all trans and non-binary performers as they share their joy, their rage, and everything in between.